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Adidas Future studios

Exhibition & Campaign launch



"In August, adidas Originals came together with Girls Are Awesome to create a space for eleven young creators. The purpose was to promote the latest in Adidas footwear but also enable young creators in music, fashion and visual art to showcase original and self-made projects that tie into the theme.

What is the theme you ask? Creators were invited to 'mess with the past, and in doing so, create something for the future'. On the 8th of August, an apartment complex was transformed into the Future Studio for the exhibition. In the previous weeks, this very place was used as a music and design studio as well as an open space gallery for the creatives. Four in music and four in visual art and three in fashion." (Fizzy Mag.)

For the exhibition María Guðjohnsen made an installation of 3D art 

"The Digital Self in Cyberspace"


Maria Gudjohnsen works with 3D visuals to explore the topic of virtual identity and how it can prove positive for marginalized groups, particularly women. In cyberspace you can choose your own identity and audience, thus providing a safe space. This translates back to real life in the form of empowerment and new opportunities. 
Women are especially underrepresented in the technological sector but through community-building in cyberspace, women can empower each other and find new role models.

The future is the digital female.

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