Four Generations

Group Exhibition in Reykjavík 2020

In 2008, the artist Unnar Örn held an exhibition of photographs by Sigurður Guttormsson (1906-1998) showing the poor housing of the people in Iceland, taken in the period 1930-45. Unnar Örn had found these photographs at the National Archives of Iceland and they had been received there by ASÍ. Sigurður Guttormsson had given his collection to ASÍ in his time in the hope that ASÍ would draw attention to the conditions and poverty of low-wage people in Iceland. That did not happen, however, and the pictures ended up in a box at the National Archives of Iceland, which Unnar Örn excavated, decades later.


The exhibition FOUR GENERATIONS is a joint exhibition by Gísli Sigurðsson, son of Sigurður Guttormsson, Katrín Gísladóttir and Christine Gísladóttir, granddaughters of Sigurður, and María Guðjohnsen, his great-granddaughter. Here they honor Sigurður Guttormsson's remarkable project, each with its own format, with the aim of making people think about the great changes that have taken place in the daily lives of Icelanders and what it is really recently that poverty was prevalent here.