Night Embassy by Jägermeister

CO:QUO x Digi-Gxl 2 week residency at Night Embassy



Two weeks of curated programs, art exhibition, workshops and panels. 

My roles: Exhibition curator, exhibition content creator.

"For two weeks starting on 6 September, the NIGHT EMBASSY will be home to a program ranging from workshops and talks to club nights and live performances. Stop by for an art exhibition by Digi-Gxl’s many members, stay later for a workshop on making natural lubes, and spend the night dancing to genre-fluid beats. The residency is a safe space to cultivate communal knowledge and share experiences: Respect is a must, as is sex-positivity and open-mindedness."

Event photos by Camille Blake

"New technologies mean new horizons for art, music, and culture. CO:QUO x Digi-Gxl  are breaking boundaries and exploring what it means to be human in rapidly changing virtual landscapes.

Their residency brings together two groups known for their work, which makes space for future-forward discussions and aesthetics: Digi-Gxl is a global network of womxn, trans and non-binary creatives working in 3D animation and digital art; CO:QUO is a femme collective aiming to co-create and address status quos that have negative impacts on society through music, workshops, and discussions. Together, they’re upholding themes of diversity, inclusivity, and liminality in the visual and performing arts – and you’re invited to join them."

In collaboration with Mimic Productions, each member of the collective inhabitated an avatar in collaboration with Mimic Productions, where we motion captured everyone dancing. Each member then came up with ideas to customize their own avatar.